Our purpose is to help shops build WINNING TEAMS where

We are dedicated to WINNING – not just for the shop owner, but for the employees and the customers as well. We want to create an environment where everyone wins together.

We believe that the best way to achieve this is to make sure the full team is on board – understanding how the operation runs, and what their role is in its success. Every team member is a crucial part of the whole, and needs to be trained as an expert in their area of responsibility.

We use a systematic, standardized approach that has been used successfully by businesses around the world in every industry. This system has proven consistently successful in creating thriving cultures and expanding organizations wherever it is used.

We have adapted this overall organizational approach and tailored it specifically to the auto repair industry, where we have now taught this system to thousands of shop owners, and refined the delivery of this technology so that we can start creating immediate results in any shop – even yours!

Many shop owners have become resigned to how difficult this business can be, and have accepted limitations on their profitability and personal freedom. They feel they will be stuck in their shop forever, and don’t believe it’s possible to have a shop that runs well without them being there around the clock. But our experience and results demonstrate that it IS possible to have a successful, thriving shop while also having the freedom to enjoy your life. As a business owner, you’ve taken risks and worked very hard to create your business, and you deserve to receive the rewards.

Connect with Victory Teambuilding and let us help you take control of your business and start WINNING!

–Jimmy Alauria, Founder